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Bill Henderson (Pastor)
Bill is the lead preaching and teaching pastor. He and his wife Janet came to live in Caledon East in 1988 and have two adult children, William and Whitney. Bill’s graduate degrees are in theology and he’s passionate about fulfilling the Great Commission mission in conformance to the word of God. He loves to talk to others about Jesus, and in his spare time he enjoys reading, traveling, enjoying Indian and Caribbean food, plus fresh ground coffee.

Jon Walcott (Elder)
Jon and his wife Theresa loved the preaching and fellowship at CHFBC from the very first Sunday a friend invited them to church! He has had a deep love for the local church since the Lord turned his life around through the influence of the saints at the church he attended while he was in university. He loves living, gardening and working as an Optometrist in the village of Erin.

Rick Dray (Elder)
Rick is a graduate in Civil Engineering at the University of Waterloo (1969) and has attended the church since 1996. Mostly retired now, his passion is teaching and he is excited to lead a Growth Group on the Gospel of John. In his leisure time he loves kayaking, especially at Joy Bible Camp, where he spends a lot of the summer. Rick has been married to Audrey for 45 years and has three children and eight grandchildren who call him Grumpy. Grumpy also loves spending time with all of his grandchildren.

Don Chapple (Elder)
Don and Phyllis have been married 43 years; they are the proud parents of three children and grandparents to 12 great – grand children. They came to Caledon East in 2011 through a God orchestrated chain of events that began about 1964 after over 30 years of missions life mostly lived in Ecuador South America. Feel free to ask about it. It’s all a part of an amazing story to the praise of God’s wonderful grace and glory. Don’s primary spiritual gift is that of helps which he uses in his capacity of property manager at CHFBC and folks he comes across along life’s way.

Danny Mulhern (Elder)
Danny has been attending CHFBC since 1998, and he came to faith in Jesus as a teenager under the preaching and ministry of the church. He met his wife, Evelyne, while here, and together they have the great privilege of raising three silly wonderful children. They love the family centered approach to the CHFBC community of faith and desire to see that grow and flourish. By the grace of God, Danny’s bread and butter is serving at the Scott Mission Camp, maintaining the property and facilities for the gospel ministry that goes on there. When they are not sleep-deprived, Danny and Ev delight in mingling with people of all ages and seeing the body built up in the knowledge and grace of Christ, whether through fellowship, Bible studies, or a shared meal.

Mark Ziljstra (Elder)
Mark is a graduate of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto (2015) and has attended the church since 2011. He is currently working as an Application Engineer at a small automation company in Woodbridge. At church, Mark enjoys co-leading the College and Careers Growth Group with Danny and helping out in the sound booth. Mark also annually travels to Malawi, Africa with Love a Village to support an impoverished rural community called Luhomero.


John Netzke

John and his wife Allison have attended CHFBC for 13 years. They have 7 children and 6 grandchildren with 1 more on the way. He loves to serve and help others. He loves to lead by example. His hobbies are hockey, travel and woodworking. His favorite dessert is Apple pie and cheez whiz.

Dan Jabs

Dan, his wife, Shelley, and their two children, have attended CHFBC since 2006. As Sunday school superintendent and Sunday school teacher, he has a heart for children's ministries. Dan enjoys spending time outdoors, wood working and just hanging out with his family and their Standard Schnauzer, Jaeger.


Tell a friend about Caledon Hills Fellowship Baptist Church and invite them to our website using social media.
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