I Wouldn't Listen

You tried to tell me many times;
My heart refused to hear.
You told me Jesus died for me;
You made it very clear.

You read me Scriptures from the Book,
The Holy Book of God.
Inviting me to come to church,
You never got the nod.

You pleaded with me on the phone;
I thought you were insane.
Repeating Jesus loves you so;
To me you were a pain.

You never did give up on me,
And still I didn't care.
I couldn't see beyond my nose;
My life I wouldn't share.

My name was in your daily prayer.
You tried to reach my heart.
I didn't think I needed God;
Nor did my foolish heart.

I passed away not knowing God,
The One who offers peace.
I am not happy where I am;
My tears will never cease.

I was crazy not to listen;
I know I am to blame.
I never thought I needed God;
And now I'm lost in shame.

You wouldn't like it where I am;
You have my guarantee.
For Heaven is a better place
where souls are ever free.

Don't make the same mistake I did.
For me it's now too late.
I'll never get another chance,
For sin has sealed my fate.

Take heed in what I'm telling you;
You still have time my friend.
Please give your heart to Jesus now
Before your life does end.

Get on your knees, confess your sin;
God's waiting for your prayer.
Believe that Jesus died for you;
He loves you and He cares.

From one who wouldn't listen;
by the late Ruth Matthews (King Nursing Home, Bolton, ON) who in her 97th year forgot much but could still say, "Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me; I once was lost but now am found; t’was blind but now I see." 

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