Secret Church 2019

What is Secret Church?

Secret Church is our version of "house church" where we meet periodically for an intense time of Bible study—lasting 6+ hours—including a time of prayer for our brothers and sisters across the globe who are facing persecution and for those who still have not heard the gospel.

Prayer, Fasting, and the Pursuit of God

Friday, April 26, 2018 at 7:00 pm lasting 6 hours

The Rothfuch’s
16 Fitzgerald Street
Orangeville, ON


Prayer Focus
Somalies of East Africa

More on the Topic
We were created to know and enjoy God, and to depend on Him for our every need. Sadly, though, we often look to the things of this world to satisfy us, and we are constantly tempted to rely on ourselves rather than on God's wisdom and power.

In Secret Church 19, we'll see that all of Scripture invites us to pursue God, and we'll see how crucial the role of prayer and fasting is in this pursuit. Beginning in Genesis and moving all the way through Revelation, David Platt shows us that God has designed prayer and fasting not only to meet our daily needs but more importantly so that we might find greater intimacy and satisfaction in Him. We'll also see the critical role of prayer and fasting in carrying out the mission Christ gave to His church—to make disciples of all nations.

More on the Prayer Focus
Somalis of East Africa are considered unreached (little to no gospel access) and many are unengaged (no church planting strategies). This is because getting the gospel to Somalis is difficult—following Christ often carries a death sentence. Every year at Secret Church, we gather to study God's Word and pray for our brothers and sisters around the world who are being persecuted for following Christ. Join us this year as we pray for Somalis of East Africa.