Edgar, Cody, Jacob, Declan, Laura, Krista, Whitney, Hannah

Wednesday July 12/17

An Axe, A blast, a ....wait...what?

Author: Edgar Alvarado

Happy Birthday Cody Fines! I’m sure this will be a birthday he’ll never forget. A picture perfect day, a great meal and bubbles. What else can a man ask for? And after getting an axe for his birthday at the market the day before - what more could there be? Read More

Tuesday July 11/17

A Different Perspective

Author: Edgar Alvarado

Today we had a bit of a change of plans to our schedule. With so much that goes on around here from day to day, changes tend to happen quite frequently. Sometimes, the changes are caused because of unfortunate events. Other times they happen for... Read More

Monday July 10/17


Author: Cody Fines

Our day began as expected with a delicious breakfast prepared freshly by our hosts. After enjoying every bite of our pineapple, papaya, and french toast we prepared ourselves mentally and physically for the full day ahead of us. Read More

Sunday July 9/17

Sugar Cookie Day!

Author: Hannah Alvarado

It's not an official holiday - but it was Sugar Cookie Day today...just so you know. It was another full day for our team today but we were joined by another team from Tennessee - River City Church. They arrived last night so we met them all today... Read More

Saturday July 8/17

Settling In

Author: Jacob Alvarado

After a 12 hour sleep, we all felt refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to go. They set the team to work painting the school a cheerful red and the railings a sleek black (which I got on my hands and couldn’t get off!). Read More

Friday July 7/17

Well we made it!

Author: Whitney Henderson

We conquered a fairly smooth yet sleepless flight into Mexico City where some of us had a snooze to pass the time before boarding our flight to Guatemala!... Read More

Wednesday July 5/17

On our mark, (almost) set.....

Author: Edgar Alvarado

Thanks to the power of technology, we've set up this blog so that you can join us in our adventure to Village of Hope in Guatemala! Here you’ll be able to follow along with what we’re doing and experiencing for the next few days.... Read More